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Forgot Password – How to Unlock iPhone 5s iTunes Backup Password and Lock Screen Passcode

Forgot iPhone passcode and iPhone is disabled? Forgot iTunes backup password and won’t restore from the encrypted backup? Read this article, you will know how to unlock iPhone lock screen passcode and iPhone backup password.

iPhone Backup is Encrypted and Cannot Restore after iOS 7.1 Update

Can’t restore iPhone from backup after iOS 7.1 update because of the forgotten iPhone backup password. Here is the advice to tell you how to recover lost or forgotten password on iTunes backup.

How to Decrypt Password for iPhone Backup File

iPhone backup password encrypted? This is a guide to decrypt the password step by step.

iPhone 5 Personal Password Unlocker – Unlock Password for Your Locked Backup

iPhone 5 password unlocker is the world’s first unlocker for iPhone backup. You can use it to unlock locked backup, read this article for detailed information.

iTunes is Asking for a Password When Restoring Your iPhone

Whe you restore iPhone from iTunes backup, iTunes is asking for a password again and again. What to do now? iPhone Backup Unlocker can be here for help!

Easy Way to Crack iPhone Backup Password

How to crack iPhone backup passsword. This seems a difficult thing. But with Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker, that is not the truth.

Lost Password to Restore iPhone from Backup, How to Reset the iTunes Backup Password?

When you lost password to restore iPhone from backup, how to reset the iPhone backup password? Is there a way to recover the iTunes backup? Read on to get the answer!

What If Asked “Enter Password to Unlock iPhone Backup” But You Forgot the Password?

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iPhone Backup Password Recovery – Unlock iPhone Backup Password

iPhone Backup Password Recovery is a tool to help you solve your “Forgot iPhone backup password” problem. From now on, lost password to iPhone is no longer scared!

I Forgot iPhone Backup Password Unlock File Windows!

I simply updated my iOS (from 4.2 to 6.0) and allow the iPhone store my backup data to my local… Continue reading »