Encrypt iPod Backup, How to Unlock Forgotten iPod Backup Password?

encrypt iPod backup password unlock

unlock iPod backup password

After I updated my iPod Touch software, it asked me to input a password to unlock iPod backup. I forgot the encrypted backup file password to iPod. Will everything get deleted?

Before, the only real things on my iPod were the icons which are there once I purchased it. A couple of days later, I added songs; those were really the only things on my iPod. I visited iTunes and saw a software update. Fearing that these songs could easily get deleted, I get hold of a program that copied my songs to the computer. I updated and my songs got deleted. I got back the songs I copied earlier to my iPod. At present, I’ve got apps, contacts and much more songs. I saw an update and planned to understand it but I again understand that everything is certain to get removed. I saw the “iPod Summary,” “Encrypt iPod Backup.” I launched a password but I’m not sure what encrypt iPod backup means. Only uncheck it after updating the application, will the things that were deleted return to my iPod? And simply what does “Encrypt iPod Backup” mean and the way do you use it?

We iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G users usually happen to forgot the encrypted iPod backup password. Then how do we unlock the iPod backup password? The below are steps:
Step 1: Download application and import encrypted backup file
Download iPhone Backup Unlocker from http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/product/iphone-backup-unlocker.htm and install the tool. Then run this tool. It’ll need us import the encrypted backup file via click “Open”.

Step 2: Choose your right attack mode for change password
3 varieties of attack modes are supported. I am going to choose any as our needs.

Step 3: Begin to unlock iPod backup password
Within minutes, you could gain the password quickly.

After encrypted backup password was decrypted, I was messed with “Encrypt iPod Backup” option. How to understand the “Encrypt iPod Backup”?

Firstly, encrypt iPod backup is simply to your password about the backup so not anyone can use it. Every time you connect your iPod to iTunes it is really a backup.

Second, updating iTunes, or updating your software for your iPod may never permanently delete your songs. What it does when you update, it must put new software on your iPod, but it really can’t just add it on, instead it deletes the program, so installs the revolutionary software. During this process, everything in your iPod is deleted, but keeps that backup? It loads everything back, on top of the revolutionary software from that backup. So everything works better.

If you think that it isn’t the identical, then connect your iPod, allow it to backup thing with iTunes, check it and keep it connected, whether or not this still doesn’t feel right, beneath the iPod tab on your left in iTunes, click “Restore iPod” to restore. This would fix any issues.

For anyone who is lacking something connect with your iPod, however it’s in iTunes, then under this same iPod tab, go through the top tabs that say, “music” “videos” etc. Be sure that this area is checked for everything to be synced, or perhaps the points you wish to be synced.

Also, you should bought your (songs/various other pieces) from iTunes, then this store has data of one’s account purchasing those, and in addition they disappear, go into the iTunes Store, and click on purchase on the same item you purchased and yes it should say, “You’ve got already purchased this item, do you want to purchase it again “?

You should put your iPod to iTunes before iTunes would copy the apps, and song you have.
Considering get more software it doesn’t get deleted + Encrypt Backup implies that iTunes or perhaps the computer could make a duplicate of your respective apps, music, contacts etc. In case you decide to obtain software and you will forever provide an option to restore it.

For details on how to unlock iPod backup password, we can view video: http://youtu.be/mPkai1vEth8

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