Encrypt iTunes backup password after iOS 8.2 update

You need to restore iTunes backup after iOS 8.2 update?

iOS 8.2 which is ready for Apple Wacth was released not long ago, many Apple device users also can’t help to upgrade their devices to iOS 8.2 to get better experiences. Although iOS 8.2 fix many bugs in former iOS verson, but generally, we will back up our iPhone, iPad, iPod before system update. And after finishing update, we will restore data from backup if we need.

However, sometimes we will be face with the trouble situation that iTunes backup password is forgotten. Practically, when we make a backup for our Apple device with iTunes, we can decrytp this backup files for privacy safety. If you forgot iTunes backup password after iOS 8.2 update, I think you need to get some ways to help you recover iTunes backup password.

Way 1: Try all possibility

This kind of way is simple, and we don’t need to rely on ohter tools but our memory. Generlly, we will set a password that is related with our daily life, for example, birthday date, memorial Day, or other account password. I ever forgot my iPhone 6 backup password, and I tried to enter my Apple ID password, it worked. I set the password samely.

Here are some references for you to recall your iTunes backup password:

Apple ID password
iTunes Store password
Windows administrator password
The “Passcode” you used to lock your iPhone
The passcode/lock code used on your iPhone when you first ever used the device
All sorts of variations of your love’s names and birthdays
Admin password on the computer that was in effect the first time the iPhone was backed-up
The ones suggested here “0000″, “1234″, etc.

encrypt itunes backup password


Get iTunes password with tool after iOS 8.2 update

Well, it is not funny to play guess game, and what have been forgotten is hard to be remembered again. You can’t be stubbon, because data is more important. You need to use recovery tool to help you recover iTune backup passwored after iOS update!

iPhone Backup Unlocker is dedicated to recovering lost iTunes backup password for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and enabling forensic access to address books, call logs, SMS archives, voice mail and email account settings, applications, and so on in these backups. Moreover, it ensures you no data loss or damage to your backup data.

This program can help you recover and remove iTunes backup file password with 3 types of attact ways. I think you can have a try!

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