Find the Backup Password to Restore iPhone after Updating to iOS 7

When I updated my iPhone 5 to the new ios 7, I found that all my contacts and photos, notes disappeared. I don’t know why since the ios 7 update seems successful. I am confused why this happen to me. But, I realize that I synced my iPhone with computer last week. So I excitedly go to the iTunes backup, planning to restore my iPhone contacts, photos from the iTunes backup.

iTunes askig for password to restore

What disappointed me once again is that iTunes asking for a password to restore. Now I am despaired, only appreciating any and all advice. The contacts and photos are very important to me!

As a matter of fact, iTunes asking for password when restoring iPhone is common among iPhone users. And I have discussed how to solve this problem before (read it by clicking the link). There are some cases below:

Case 1: I am upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 7. I backed up my phone (via iTunes 11) and downloaded and installed iOS 7. I am now going through the setup process and it is at the “Restore from iTunes Backup” step. I connect to iTunes and iTunes is prompting me for a password to “unlock your iPhone backup file“. No, I did not encrypt the iPhone backup, nor is it or was it checked in iTunes. I have tried my iTunes password, my 4 digit unlock code for the iPhone, and several other passwords. When I did the backup an hour ago I was not asked for a password. I am at a loss as to what it is.

Case 2:Why is my iPhone asking for my iTunes password randomly and repeatedly?

I have seen this question in several discussions, but all are archived. None had an answer. I have 3 iPhone 4S’s and 3 iPod Touch 4G’s.  All, randomly but frequently enough to be annoying, display a pop up screen when first using the iPhone/iPod Touch (normally from sleep mode) asking for your iTunes password.  It gives you the option to select “cancel” or “enter” and sometimes I just hit cancel. I am so fed up with this.  I notice no problems if I do not enter my password and hit “cancel.”  But, who knows if something is compromised by not giving the device what it “wants”.   So, most of the time I enter my password hoping that will satisfy the “beast” and it will not ask for it anymore.

OK, now we have learnt that iTunes asking for password even you never set up the password to encrypt your backup. Then what we should do is to find a solution to find the password to crack the iTunes backup password.

How to Find the Password to Crack iTunes Backup?

Before I introduce the last and paid choice to crack iPhone backup, let’s explore and try some free ways to unlock iPhone backup encryption.
Trial one:
1. Disconnect your iPhone with computer by extracting your iPhone digital cable out of the USB port.
2. Sign out of your iTunes account
3. Connect your iPhone again back to your computer.
4. Sign in again with your iTunes account.
Trial two: Enter your password that used to lock your iPhone before if you remember it. Remember not the Apple ID password.
What if the above trials are to no avail? Maybe a paid and 3rd party tool is needed. Here, the world’s first and only (so far) iPhone backup unlocker tool is provided by Tenorsahre. If needed, try it from the official site:

Watch the video about the intuitive operation to unlock iTunes backup password

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