iPhone 5 Personal Password Unlocker – Unlock Password for Your Locked Backup

iPhone 5 password unlocker

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is great! You can use it to take beautiful pictures and valuable videos since its built-in camera are good enough. In order to make your iPhone photos safer, you may choose to back up them to iTunes, then even something unexpected happened to your iPhone, you still have choice to restore lost photos from iTunes backup.

Know more about iOS backup from: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4946s


Lost Password on iPhone Backup

And another question, whether or not you will encrypt your iTunes backup for further security or mistaken deletion by someone else? If yes, there may be a chance that you forgot personal password on iPhone backup. Now what should you do to find the password for your iTunes backup?

Also, I have heard someone complained that iTunes will set password without noticing you. So you are certain have no idea about what the password is. The problem is more than an agony. The sequent problem is that you cannot use the iPhone backup to restore your iPhone without the right password.


Is it possible to get back the iPhone Backup Password?

When the above cases happened, what to do to solve this headache problem? Get back the password! Is it possible? Absolutely! Let’s go on to explore the iPhone personal password unlocker.

Tenorshare is the world’s first Inc. which provides a professional tool called backup password unlocker. It is used by iPhone users from all over the world, and good reviews are also received by many iPhone users. At present, only windows version is on market. If you backed up your iPhone with a Mac, you can transfer your backup files to a Windows PC then use the iPhone backup unlocker for Windows.

Note: the backup files on your Mac are locate in

~Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/


Guide for Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker

Step 1: Import iTunes Backup Key Container File to Decrypt

After download and installation of the Windows tool iPhone backup unlocker, you can see that there is an “Open” button in the main interface. Click it to import the encrypted iTunes backup files.

Note: Commonly, the tool will navigate to the backup file automatically, if you are out of luck and failed to automatically find the back file, please refer to the iTunes backup location and then import the backups manually.

Step 2: Choose a Right Attack Type and Set the Attack Type Accordingly

iTunes backup password recovery

Attack Types

Three types are offered for us to choose from. Namely, they are “Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack”.

Brute-force Attack is a kind of attack that will try every possible combination of password. Choose this attack when you have no clue what the password may be, and there’s no setting for this attack. However, this attack may take the longest time to find password.

If you remember something about the password, say, the length of the password, you could choose Brute-force with Mask Attack. The settings of this attack include Password Length, Character Range and Affix. Set these items could help you find lost password more quickly.

If the iTunes backup password is one of your frequently used password and you are not sure which it is, choose Dictionary Attack. You could set a text file with all possible passwords and import this text file to the program. Along with this text file, there will be a default dictionary, both of which are for the reference of the program.

Note: In order to improve the decryption efficiency, you had better choose a right type accordingly.

Step 3: Start to Decrypt iTunes Backup Password

When all these are settled, click “Start”. iPhone Backup Unlocker will start to find password. During the decryption process, you are allowed to tap “Stop” if you have an emergency to deal with. When you are back, you could continue the decryption.

After a few minutes, you will see your password displaying in a pop up window. Then you can use it to unlock your iPhone 5 backup.

A tutorial on YouTube about how to decrypt iPhone backup here: http://youtu.be/O1bH-_bEBDM


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