Lost Password to Restore iPhone from Backup, How to Reset the iTunes Backup Password?

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iTunes Backup Password is Lost

When you want to restore iPhone from backup, only to find that iTunes backup password is lost! And the iTunes keeps asking for a password when you try to use the backup. You are confused, because the data in the backup is really important for you.

Is this a scene that someone of you may ever encounter? If so, read on, you will get a great solution to clear the obstacle. I bet your iPhone backup password can be regained with this solution.

How to Reset iTunes Backup Password When You Want to Restore iPhone from Backup?

No matter how you lost your iPhone backup password, for example, forgot iPhone backup password, iTunes set the password for you automatically, etc. The backup password loss happens now and then with various reasons. Fortunately, we can recover it with iPhone backup password unlock tool – iPhone Backup Unlocker.

Simple and Fast Guide for the iPhone Backup Unlocker

Though iPhone Backup Unlocker has powerful iPhone backup password recovery function, it doesn’t mean that you need to know much specialized knowledge to operate it. Never mind even you are a totally green one, the user friendly tool will head you to unlock your encrypted iPhone backup with easy steps. Let’s learn it together.

# 1 Import encrypted iTunes backup file. The tool will find the backup file automatically normally, but if it failed to scan the backup file, you can import the encrypted files manually. Don’t know where is the backup file on your PC? The article “Where is the iPhone Backup Location” will give you specific information.

# 2 Choose a right attack strategy accordingly. Three attack types are given by this tool – Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack.

# 3 Start to unlock the iPhone backup password when all previous work is done. Within a few minutes or even seconds, the iPhone backup password will display in the File Opening Password Box.

Then you can copy it to unlock your encrypted iTunes backup or you can reset or clear it in case you forgot iPhone backup password again.

Now you never worry about lost password to restore iPhone from backup. Get the plain operation to use this iPhone Backup Unlocker.


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