Need Password When Opening Encrypted iPhone Backup on Mac

how to recover iTunes backup password for Mac

iPhone Backup Unlocker for Mac

Can’t Restore iPhone Because an Unknown Password is Needed

Hi! My iPhone 4S 32 GB was stolen a few months ago, now I have an iPhone 5 and want to restore the 4S backup to my new iPhone 5. So I go to iTunes to check my iPhone 4S backup, when I open it, a box pops up said I need to enter the password in order to access the backup. I don’t know the password because I never remember setting one. Does anyone know how I can disable the iTunes backup encryption or extract my data on the iTunes without having to restore it on a device? I have both Mac and Windows.

Possible Ways to Find the Password for iPhone Backup on Mac

It is common to be asked password to unlock iPhone backup when restoring, and in most cases, we forgot the password or never set the password. So how can we unlock the encrypted backup in iTunes?

If on Mac, there are some free ways to try.

The First Try: Deleting/Resetting Safari Settings

The safari settings are linked to the iTunes store brower, so one thing that can cause this is deleting the cookie in Safari. The cookie contains the iTunes password. So if you reset Safari or delete all cookies, this could be the reason.

To do this, in safari, open up the preferences and go to the privacy tab then change the “block cookies” settings. After that, you should be good to go.

The Second Try: Check the Keychain to Find the iTunes Backup Password

1. Open Applications > Utilities > Keychain

2. In the search dialog, search for “iPhone Backup.”

3. Double click on the most recent entry for “iPhone Backup.”

4. At the bottom of the dialogue box, click “Show password” and type in the administrative password for the computer.

This will reveal your iTunes backup password if you are lucky and enabled keychain option before!

Note: When password is forgotten, the first you should do is to try some possible passwords ever used. And I listed some passwords in the below, hope it helps to inspire you.

Apple ID password, iTunes Store password, windows administrator password, the “Passcode” you used to lock your iphone, the passcode/lock code used on your iPhone when you first ever used the device, all sorts of variations of my children’s names and birthdays, the ones suggested here “0000″, “1234″, Admin password on the computer that was in effect the first time the iPhone was backed-up, etc.

Unlock Encrypted iTunes Backup with iPhone Backup Unlocker

When all the mentioned ways are to no avail, still no need to fret, we have more professional tool to recover the lost or forgotten password. A piece of software named iPhone Backup Unlocker is designed to unlock/recover iTunes backup password. It worked wonderfully, and so far only Windows version is launched. How can you use it to retrieve the password if you are using a Mac. That is easy, transfer the encrypted backup to a windows PC. Then import the backup file to iPhone backup unlocker installed on Windows PC. Unlocking iPhone backup password on Windows PC is posted before. Read more from the given link.

Video tutorial: How to unlock iPhone backup password

If you have any questions on recovering iPhone backup password after reading this post, please let me know by commenting in the below. Best wishe

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