iTune Backup Password Recovery – Restore Passcode for iTunes/iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup

iTunes Set Password for the Backup Automatically

I’ve spent three days on unlocking my iTunes backup, many ways have been used! I have not set a password for my iPhone! I had backup iPhone 4 on Windows 7 PC, and then connected new iPhone 5, I stupidly deleted all my stuff off my apple iPhone 4! Once iPhone 5 connected I went back, nevertheless it’s asking for your password strength, I have never set one! Every password I really could of possible in combination with iTunes may be entered, non capitals and capitals!! We are planning to throw my iPhone out from the window! HELP PLEASE –Whoever helps me recover encrypted iPhone backup password?

Many iPhone users suffered these similar problems. Every time I see such a question, Iam always urgent to help. As a matter of fact, iTunes encrypt backup without informing you is the most disturbing. You are suffering password problem without any indication, not like you set the password yourself and forgot it.


We all know, iPhone backup password is used unlock the encrypted iTunes backup especially when you want to restore iPhone. If the password is lost, you cannot use the “restore iPhone from backup” option in iTunes.

Wait, guy, since I have said that I want to lend the help hand, it means that there are several efforts you should have a try, even as the last hope.

How to Restore Passcode for iTunes/iPhone Backup?

Effort 1: Disconnect and Re-connect with iTunes

1. Disconnect your iPhone with computer by extracting your iPhone digital cable out of the USB port.
2. Sign out of your iTunes account.
3. Connect your iPhone again back to your computer.
4. Sign in again with your iTunes account

Effort 2: Enabling the Safari Cookies

One reason to try this is that the Safari settings are linked to the iTunes store brower, enabling the cookies again may fix the password problem.  To enable cookies in safari, open up the preferences and go to the privacy tab then change the “block cookies” settings.

Effort 3: Crack the Password with Third Party iTunes Backup Password Recovery

If all the above efforts are failed to find the iTunes backup password, you can try a more powerful tool – Tenorshare iPhone backup unlocker, the world’s first backup password unlocker for iTunes.

Download the iPhone backup unlocker to your computer, since it cannot be used on iPhone directly, so you need the computer’s help.

Only three steps are needed to perform the iPhone Backup Unlocker to unlock iTunes backup password:

1. Import iTunes backup file

2. Choose a proper attack type

3. Start to unlock your iPhone backup password

Note: If this program failed to find the encrypted backup in step 1, you can import manually. Don’t know where is the encrypted backup? Don’t worry, refer to this article, it tells you the iTunes backup location.

And this unlocker is run on Windows. So what if you are using a Mac? See this how to unlock iTunes backup password on Mac article.

More plain video tutorial shown on YouTube video – iTunes backup password recovery.


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